• stuffed-with-love-poster

    Stuffed With Love – 48 Hour Film Contest London

    Stuffed With Love is a comedy romance short film made for 48 hour film contest London 2013, the Audience Award (Screening Group B) and the Best Student Film Award winner. Director Elizabeth Lockard, Writers Robert …

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  • mesmerised cover

    ‘Mesmerised’ Novel Trailer

    ‘The year is 1863 Paris is imbued with the spirit of revolution. A group of rogue painters, later to become known as the Impressionists, revolt against the ideals of the art establishment. One of them, …

  • Bell Tower Poster

    Bell Tower Enigma

    Bell Tower Enigma is a psychological mystery short: A Sexton struggles to find redemption, when he is haunted by his past memories. ‘The every-day routine of a Sexton is suddenly interrupted, when a mysterious phone …

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  • StreetFighter poster

    Street Fighter

    When André, a street performing mime, fails to gain an audience, he is about to leave when his attention is caught by the beautiful cellist, Julie. André begins to perform with the cellist, miming along …

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